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    Support Team

    Dear Andreas and Fredrik,

    I have created tickets for you both to assist you personally.

    Best regards,

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  • Fredrik Melin

    Above issue, as well as the following list for me.


    -- Printing via cloud sometimes never end, the physical job itself has completed but it does not say complete in the printing que

    (Been like this for the last 2-3 updates)

    -- Camera stopped working completely in last update, was working in previous version, now no connection. Lamp is lit but unable to connect.

    -- Since many updates back the Cloud printing is very buggy in terms of reporting completed etc, it either goes to 100% directly or stay at 0%, as a result the camera never records a video of the print (if the camera is working, which is no longer does)

    -- At start the printer starts up but is not ready, if you send a job via Cloud before about 2 minutes after startup you get an error in the printer screen and have to reboot again, i.e. the cloud thinks the printer is started and ready while internally it's not.

    -- Display on printer shows wrong image sometimes, (shows image of another job that has been made)



    while we are at it, 

    Another oddity in my eyes at least, 

    Precision of build, every object is 0.3mm too large and every hole is 0.3mm too small.

    If I want to create an object that is 9.8mm big fitting into a 10mm hole I have to make the object 9.5mm in size and the hole 10.3mm in the STL. 

    It's not a tolerance thing, it's an programming thing, it changed going from v1 -> v2.
    Tolerances might make the object vary as well as the hole but "base" is off, by 0.3mm always.

    Learned to design around it but why should I?

    Nice printer, but you have to put some effort into the software.


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